H3 | Heroes Helping Heroes

We are a private organization dedicated to helping homeless vets in our community

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Our Purpose

Many of you probably see a lot of homeless people around town standing with their cardboard signs begging for money or food. What a lot of may not know is there's thousands of vets who are starving, freezing, and homeless. Most of them Korea and Vietnam vets who suffer from PTSD from wars beyond what any of us have ever seen. They need help, they need food and clothes to help them survive. I wanted to start a campaign where we can buy warm clothes, and meals and deliver them to vets around town once a week. They've suffered through so much and I don't want to see them suffer more then they have to. I'm asking for your help and maybe build some karma this year and even save a life that years and years ago saved ours.

What We Do





H3 has one mission...To get homeless vets off the streets. We provide daily essentials such as food, drinks, clothing and toiletry items. We meet one on one with each homeless veteran and give them the needs to survive, and help them get the benefits and housing that they deserve. Our mission will never be complete...until there's no more vets left on the street